First ever auction for Emidio Pepe

Auction for Emidio Pepe wine vintages dating back to 1967.
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Emidio has devoted his life to the ageing of Montepulciano and Trebbiano d’abruzzo and strongly believes in their ageing potential even at a time when people did not believe this was possible.Matt Kramer said “every wine region needs its resident eccentric genius. The Abruzzo has two, one of whom is Emidio Pepe. Emidio Pepe’s wines are like no others anywhere in Italy, perhaps in the world.”

All the bottles come from the winery’s cellar and have been carefully decanted for the action so all the corks (except for the wines and the young Montepulciano) are new and are marked 2017. It is a guaranteed seal for future aging by collectors. In total, 53 vintages will be auctioned with Zachys. The wines have all been hand destemmed and fermented in concrete. All the aging took plae in the bottle. Emidio was a pioneer in aging Montepulciano not only per se but also in the bottle. According to him, they could preserve their integrity, liveliness and youth in this manner. He believes that every season is different and hence the wine is different. “It is the only way to let the wine tell the story of the place, letting it register climate conditions. This is the cultural and historical function of wine,” he says.

“It is a unique occasion and an extraordinary moment,” says Emidio Pepe “to be able to tell the history of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo with bottles that are full of life and have a sense of place.” Emidio Pepe will be auctioning wine dating back to 1967 in a collaboration with Zachys Wine Auction. Some of the most iconic vintages that have not been released for a long time because of the tiny stock left will will released in small quantities.