Bar Abruzzo at iceberg Sidney

Sydney – 13 Febbraio 2018 Bar Abruzzo at Iceberg on Bondi Beach.

Bar Abruzzo at Iceberg

The region of Abruzzo, Southern Italy is well known for its diverse, rustic cuisine, coastal climate, natural reserves and Apennine mountains. In 1964 Emidio Pepe, grandson of the company founder, perceived with wise foresight, the great qualities of the “Montepulciano d’ Abruzzo” and started selling it bottled as his “Black Gold”. Emidio knows that nature can reach perfection, so he doesn’t change its laws but respects them. After a careful selection of bunches during the harvest, red grapes are de-stemmed by hand in wooden tubs and white grapes are pressed by feet. The fermentation takes place in small concrete tanks, without the addition of selected yeasts.