Emidio Pepe natural wine – Sager & Wilde

14 March 2017 London.

Yeah baby, I like it RAW!!! Come and join us to celebrate the Raw Wine Fair

Why bother? RAW Wine Fair has become one of the most relevant gatherings of natural wine heads in the world, taking London, New York and Berlin by storm and showing people exactly why they should give a fuck about how wine is produced these days.

Whats the format? We pour all their wines by the glass, you just pay for what you order. The winemakers will be on hand (probably hanging out near the bar) to talk through any questions you might have or just to cheers a glass with! All you have to do is book a table.

Emidio Pepe – 14/3 Sager & Wilde Paradise Road

Book for a Winemaker Nigh
Booking: hello@sagerandwilde.com