For more than 50 years we have been carrying out an agricultural project that tries to enrich our soils and we let ourselves be enriched in turn by the enormous vital energy that Nature propulses every day.
We live as a responsibility the contribution to the biodiversity of our vineyards and the surrounding countryside.

To ensure a substantial return of organic matter to our soils we have put in place a system of crop rotation of the parcels surrounding our vineyards. The idea is to feed diversity, host multiple crops every year, stimulate the proliferation of indigenous yeasts, inhabit a local fauna, feed you and us with foods that are healthy and part of an agriculture project that crosses the boundaries of production to imagine it a seed to the sky in a resonant universe.

Olive oil, pasta,
chickpeas, flour:
original products from
an untouched land

Olive oil, pasta, chickpeas, flour: original products from an untouched land

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOC Pretuziano delle colline Teramane
It is difficult to imagine the Abruzzo hills without tufts of olive trees scattered in an orderly manner on the slopes. Olive trees have always been used in Abruzzo to delimit each parcel, like our 700 plants, which hug our vineyards, contributing to a biodiversity faithful to the traditions of this place. We only grow native Abruzzese varieties (Frantoio, Leccino, Tortiglione, Dritta e Pendolino) which are harvested manually and cold pressed in a nearby olive mill. The harvest is brought to the press on the same day to maintain the level of acidity and preserve its quality. Ours is an unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which creates a slight sediment on the bottom, a sign of unchanged quality.
Senatore Cappelli-
an ancient wheat pasta
Our Pasta was born from a simple aim: to feed our family with healthy, untreated, nutritional wheat. We approached the “Senatore Cappelli” variety, an ancient durum wheat, capable of growing without chemical treatments and extremely resistant to various atmospheric agents. Planted all around our vineyards, the ears reach two meters in height and have a much lower yield than other types of wheat and this makes it bearer of great aromatic and nutritional complexity. After several improvements, we managed to obtain a product that we feel like sharing with you, to bring to your tables what has now become a symbol of Casa Pepe.
Chickpeas and chickpea flour, Sultano type
A land facing east and caressed by the cool breezes of the Adriatic Sea, here our chickpeas grew during the last farming season. The ‘Sultano’ variety is characterized by a thin skin and a moderate size. Their contribution and function in the soil is of capital importance: they are able to transport and fix nitrogen in the soil through their roots, thus making it available for crops in the years to come. From this sowing we have obtained chickpeas in grains and a flour with a strong nutritional value and a delicate taste.
Evolutionary population of
wheat flour, stone milled
2000 seeds that collaborate in the spontaneous evolution of grain mix that was born in Aleppo and becomes a unique expression of the Torano Nuovo area: this is the Miscuglio Evolutivo, the basis of our flours. Introduced in Italy by Professor Salvatore Ceccarelli in 2010, the uniqueness of this wheat is due to the large number of seeds which, crossing and evolving, gradually adapt to the conditions of the terroir, increasing the biodiversity of the place. This mixture is grown spontaneously, each year selecting the best ears that are meant for transplanting and the remaining ones get grounded in a stone mill, which maintains its richness under the nutritional and organoleptic profile. Flour turns out to be very complex on a genetic level, which makes it extremely healthier and tastier.
Wine made accordingly to
traditional methods
Emidio Pepe counts seventheen hectares of vines divided in small plots all around the cellar. Most of the vineyards are still cultivated with the ancient system of Pergola Abruzzese. Their roots go deep to ensure access to minerals and water resources even in the most difficult periods. Soil works are almost non-existent because we want to preserve the life and biodiversity of the soil. Earthworms, butterflies, spiders and fireflies populate our vineyards and testify to the absence of chemicals. The fermentations are spontaneous, allowing us to create unique expressions of Montepulciano, Trebbiano, Pecorino and Cerasuolo, differently special every year.