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Privacy noticepursuant to Regulation EU no. 679/2016

General Data ProtectionRegulation

Dear User,

pursuant to Article 13 of the Regulation EU no. 679/2016 (“GDPR”), weprovideyou with the privacy noticeconcerning the processing of your personal data by AZIENDA AGRICOLA EMIDIO PEPE, with registered office in Via Chiesi 10, 64010, Torano Nuovo  (Teramo),  VAT No.01555360674, in relation to the servicesprovided by the same on its Website .

1. Data controller and processors

Emidio Pepeis the data controller of the personal data collectedthrough the Website, for examplethrough computer proceduresused to operate the Website implying the gathering of data and the transmission of whichisimplicit in the use of internet communicationprotocols, or through the insertion of such data by you by e-mail or otherinteractiveprocedures with respect to the Website.

Your personal data may be processed by othersubjectsspecificallyappointedas data processors. To obtain the full and updated list of data processors pleasesend an email to

2. Purposes and legalbasis for personal data processing

The personal data collected are used for the operation of the Website and to respond to the requestsyousubmitthrough the Website. The processing of your personal data for thesepurposesisnecessary for the performance of contracts to whichyou are party and to implement the activitiesrequested by youaswellas to comply with legalobligations or pursue the legitimateinterests of Emidio Pepe (or third parties). The provision of personal data for thesepurposesis optional, but the failure to provide or the partial or incorrect entry of such data mightresult in the impossibility to perform the activitiesrequested by you and respond to yourrequests.

Your personal data, uponyour express and specificconsent, mightalso be processed to sendyou marketing communications, newsletters, updates and invitations to events. Such processing activities are based on yourconsent and, in case youfail to provideyour personal data for thispurpose, youmay continue to use the servicesofferedthrough the Website, butEmidio Pepewillnotsendyou marketing communications, newsletters, updates and invitations to events.

3. Personal data processing methods

The personal data collectedwill be processed by means of manual and electronicsmethods by Emidio Pepeemployees and collaborators and/or by externalsubjectsdulyappointedas data processors, to whomEmidio Pepehasgivendetailedoperatinginstructions with special reference to the adoption of the appropriate security measuresenvisaged by the GDPR.  The complete list of data processors isavailableuponrequest, by sending an email to

4. Data processing recipients and transfer of personal data outside the EEA

Your data collectedwill be processed by subjectswhichhavebeenappointedas data processors and havereceivedadequateoperatinginstructions, with particularreference to the security measures, in order to guarantee the confidentiality and security of your personal data.

Your personal data collectedshallnot be disseminated, butmay be communicated – for the samepurposes for whichthey are collected – to third parties belonging to the followingcategories:

  • subjectsproviding IT services and telecommunication networks management services;
  • subjectscarrying out control, review and certification of the activitiesimplemented by the Soldera, even in yourinterest;
  • advisors or othersubjectsprovidingservicesrelated to the delivery of the services in question.

Your personal data might be transferredoutside the EuropeanEconomic Area; in such case, Emidio Pepewillverifythat the third country issubject of an adequacydecision by the EuropeanCommission or that the recipienthascertifieditscompliance with the Privacy Shield or hasadoptedbinging corporate rulesapproved by the competentauthorities or willenterinto with the recipientsagreementswhich include standard contractualclausesapproved by the EuropeanCommission.

5. Your Rights

In connection with the processing of your personal data, you are granted with and entitled to exerciseatany time the followingrights: (I) the right of access to your personal data and information concerning the processing activities; (II) to request the update, amendment or integration of your personal data; (III) to request the erasure of your personal data; (IV) to request the restriction of the processing of your personal data; (V) to object to any processing based on the legitimateinterest of Emidio Pepe, unlesssuchlegitimateinterestprevails, or the processing aimedatsending marketing communications and advertising material and carrying out direct sales and market surveys; (VI) requestyour personal data in a standard format and transmitthem to another controller (right to data portability); (VII) withdrawyourconsent to receive marketing communications, newsletters, updates and invitations to events.

Youmayexerciseyourrights, by sending an email to

Youalsohave the right to lodge a complaint with the Garante per la Protezione dei Dati Personali.

6. Links and otherWebsites

This privacy noticesolelyrefers to the Website.

The Website containslinks to websites of third parties, for whichSolderadoesnotexerciseany control.  Therefore, Emidio Pepeshallnot be liable in any way whatsoever for any personal data processing made by suchthird parties.

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