Abruzzo Luxury Gourmet Escape

A perfect blend of Abruzzo charming  rusticity and the highest refinement of the Niko Romito cuisine at Reale ***
We thought  about this journey after coming home from a decadent lunch at Reale, an epiphany  that all of a sudden made us realize how Abruzzo can be the idillyc fit for anyone who is really into food and wine and likes to experience the ultimate escape into world class food and wine.
This trip is the sum of the best things that Abruzzo secretly holds, the long aging wines, the superb cuisine and the surreal landscape: it starts with tasting decades of Montepulciano from Emidio Pepe, then it goes into the beautiful plateau of Campo imperatore for barbecue and unicorn wines and ends with a three Michelin star dinner.
In details:
You will be welcomed by the Pepe family in their little corner of Abruzzo, where they grow their best fruits and turn into great wines.
You will then  be guided to the discovery of our production and aging cellars by Gianluca, which will led you through your Journey in the historical cellars.
After discovering our Philosophy, culture of the vineyards and vinification process, you will be fully immersed in the Aurora Tasting, a sensory experience that will tell you in 10 vintages the  potential of our Montepulciano d 'Abruzzo, letting you understand the flavors  and sensations that our  winemaking methods  and time know how to attribute it, giving it a wine of great longevity, elegance and balance.
A story of a passion, love and artisanal techniques that have always distinguished our wines for ages.
In the same evening you can enjoy a dinner at our farm to table restaurant, a place where we tightly hold and preserve Abruzzo culinary traditions and respect the Nature around us, the traditional recipes are paired  with our wines for a journey of flavors and colors with products from our Organic Garden expertly prepared  by the hands of Chef Giuseppe and Nonna Rosa.
The following morning, after a typical home-made breakfast, with the traditional cakes handmade whit our oldwhole grain, as Senatore Cappelli flour,  we will leave Casa Pepe for Campo Imperatore, to visit an uncontaminated place in wildest Nature in the heart of the Gran Sasso National Park.
Will be a pleasure to show you Ristoro Mucciante , historically used during the Transumanza, in the heart of Fonte Vetica, where you will have the pleasure of experiencing  this open air barbecue, in one of the most surreal places that Abruzzo has, for an unique meal made of meats of mountain farms matched with some exciting  and iconic wines that we will provide for the occasion.
After a great and wild lunch you will be drived in the best expression of the regional cuisine, made of excellent products, and simple preparations, celebrating the essences of the traditional kitchen, by Niko Romito, 3 Michelin starred Chef, always in the best positions of “the world 50 Best Restaurant”,  in a fantastic place, surrounded by the green of the slopes of the high Apennines for cult experience of food and wine. Which brings wine and food  lovers  from allover the world.
Sleep in the rooms of Casadonna, in this stunning 16th century monastery in this place of peace, enjoying at your awakening one of the best breakfast experiences of your life, thanks to the expert knowledge of pastry and bakery of the Chef at Casadonna.
We will come back the day after to Casa Pepe after a discovery of cult places, still wild and genuine of our fantastic Mother Earth.

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