Emidio Pepe

“In 64 I Started To Make Wine In Bottle”

Emidio Pepe

Emidio Pepe founded his winery in 1964, after working alongside his father and his grandfather which already back in 1889 where making wine at Casa Pepe. Before anyone else, he strongly believed in the great ageing potential of Trebbiano and Montepulciano d’Abruzzo and he dedicated all his energies to those two indigenous grape varietals, proving their incredible potential and showing it to the entire world.

Born in 1932, a man of few words, determined and attentive observer. Solid values and precise ideas in his mind. Tireless worker, he continues today to take care of all his vineyards personally, from the pruning to the harvest. Observes carefully the signals that Nature gives him and with the special sensibility developed during the over fifty years of harvests, he interprets them and he accompanies his vines and grapes becoming into wine with out ever interfering. Attentive custodian of his terroir, he protected his soils and his wines from chemicals and he based all his empirical work on the respect of traditions and on the authentic and genuine expression of his wines.

Our Family

Ours is a family run business and all that really counts is in our history, deeply rooted to our land and it is handed down from generation to generation. Still farmers deep inside: while everything changes, grows, evolves with time, our way of taking on the work and the life has remained the same. Today, under the proud gaze of Emidio and Rosa, the main guarantors of of this tradition are Sofia and Daniela, together with the young granddaughters Chiara and Elisa. Sofia is the guardian of the oenological knowledge, she follows all the aspects related to the production and the quality, while Daniela follows in first person the administration and financial aspects of the winery. Chiara, Daniela’s daughter follows the export markets and Elisa, soon to be eighteen, is starting to support and help the winery world.


A Even Bigger Family

What blood doesn't unite, then wine will do. A big and important part of our family is made up of some of the most hardworking and talented people we know: our team.



Stefano, cellar master since 2010, we had the pleasure of hiring him as he was finishing his high school and since then he has been working side by side with Sofia in the cellar following all he steps of vinification.



Anna, the boys call her the “their mom at work”, she in in charge of all the work of precision at the winery, from hand labelling, to decanting, to piling bottles. One of the first collaborators we hired and she also incredible at making cakes!



Viktor, he is in charge of all the wine preparation, shippings, warehouse managing and anything else is needed to be done, you often find him pruning or picking olives.



Andrea, our latest addition, our smily tractor driver. He is the most caring, attentive and happy person we know. He is in our team since 2016.



Gianluca is in charge of the hospitality at Casa Pepe, taking care of the Agriturismo in full, from reservations to cellar tours and tastings, originally from Abruzzo, after a working experience in London he decided to come back to his homeland to be ambassador of the wines he mostly loved and the places all around it.

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